🌟 Hey there! Welcome to Sparkle Me Creations, where we add a dash of glitter, a hint of shimmer, and a whole lot of fabulousness to everything we do!

So, here's a little about me: I'm a mom to two grown-up boys and a software developer, but don't let the techie title throw you off—I’ve got a crafty heart that loves to DIY! Yeah, I know, who'd have guessed a coder could be so creative, right?

I started my crafty journey in 2018 when I bought my house. I gave my old furniture a splash of paint and, before I knew it, I was decking out my place with rhinestones, flowers, and everything that sparkles. Because let's face it, everything's better with a little bling!

As I was busy bedazzling my way through my home, my friends and family couldn't help but notice all my glittery creations. And they wouldn't stop raving about them! That's when I thought, "Why keep all this sparkle to myself?" So, I decided to share my creations with the world!

My mission is simple: to spread a little (or a lot of) shine wherever I can. I hope my crafts bring some extra sparkle into your day—because they sure do for me.

Thanks for stopping by, and let's make everything a bit more fabulous together! ✨